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Platinum Salon is located in Redding, California. We are tucked away on Churn Creek Road, and our interiors echo that of old Hollywood beauty with a twist of glamor that creates an atmosphere you’ll love.

Our team of hair, makeup and nail artists is dedicated to creating cutting edge styles that bring out the ultimate in you. Platinum Salon prides itself on being an affordable luxury and our stylists are motivated by the client’s joy when they walk out our doors.


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Celebrity Styling Trends

  • Raven Symone
    This two-tone 'do is blow-waved perfectly to turn the ends under and styling the bangs over to one side to soften the face. This fancy hairstyle will turn heads at any day or night occasion and is easy to maintain with regular trims every 4-6 weeks. Product is needed for hold and shine.

    Raven Symone looks pretty in a pastel bob here with a peek-a-boo fringe. This hairstyle is ideal for her square face shape as the longer layers around the front camouflage her square jawline, and the long side swept fringe provides good forehead coverage. This is essential for square faces who can look too ‘boxy’ without some sort of fringe. The length is just right here too and sculpts her face into looking more oval.

    Raven’s color is the highlight of this look and is right on trend for this year. Her silvery white base is lowlighted with soft violet tones throughout which creates a soft, dreamy look. This goes especially well with Raven’s warm skin tone and light pink lipstick. Women with medium to fair complexions can pull this off the best, especially if they have cool/pink undertones to their skin.

    Raven Symone is an American actress, comedian, model, singer, songwriter, dancer, television producer and talk show host. She first shot to fame on the TV series The Cosby Show.
  • Raquel Welch
    Big and bold is what this hairstyle is all about. A combination of medium to long layers are cut all through the sides and back of these highlighted locks then dressed to achieve maximum body and volume making this a great look to frame a long face for any occasion. Strong hold product is needed to keep this hairstyle in place.

    Raquel Welch shows she still has it with this big, sexy hairdo seen here. This show stopping hairstyle looks fabulous with her oblong face shape and matches her off the shoulder gown and sparkly jewelry too! Raquel’s face is more narrow than wide so the big bouncy curls in her hair and mega volume throughout is just what she needs to balance out her face shape nicely. The added volume at the root area and flipped over fringe adds extra height for a nice finishing touch.

    Raquel’s color is also working for her nicely here. She has a warm skin tone with golden undertones to it that suits this shade well. Her base is a rich chocolate brown, which is highlighted with warm caramel blonde tones throughout. This color is suitable for natural brunettes who want to lighten up their look while adding a warm glow to their skin tone.

    Raquel Welch is an American actress who became a movie icon during the Sixties, and is still looking great now at 74.
  • Julie Ann Emery
    Sweet and simple is the main idea for this look. This medium length 'do is blunt cut to sit under the jaw-line framing the chine line perfectly. The heavy bangs are smoothed down to frame the top of the face and completes the over-all look magnificently. A little product is needed for shine and hold and regular trims will help maintain shape.

    Julie Ann Emery looks flawless here in a simple but elegant pageboy bob. This hairstyle has remained a popular option over the years for its ability to look chic and timeless in any occasion. It is also an ideal option for women with straight, fine hair like Julie Ann as it adds volume and thickness. Julie Ann has a combination of a square and heart shaped face, which looks fabulous with the long fringe and softly graduated ends as it covers her high forehead and sculpts her face to look more oval.

    Her color is also working nicely for her here as well. Julie Ann has a medium-fair warm complexion with peachy undertones. Her soft cinnamon brown locks bring out the warmth in her complexion and makes her green eyes look even brighter.

    Julie Ann Emery is an American actress who has appeared in movies such as Hitch and Better Call Saul.