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Platinum Salon is located in Redding, California. We are tucked away on Churn Creek Road, and our interiors echo that of old Hollywood beauty with a twist of glamor that creates an atmosphere you’ll love.

Our team of hair, makeup and nail artists is dedicated to creating cutting edge styles that bring out the ultimate in you. Platinum Salon prides itself on being an affordable luxury and our stylists are motivated by the client’s joy when they walk out our doors.


After a few hours at Platinum Salon~you will feel fierce and fabulous!


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Celebrity Styling Trends

  • Katie Cassidy
    Subtle layers are jagged cut through the sides and front to enhance the movement of the soft waves through the mid-lengths to ends. This low-fuss hairstyle is easy to re-create with the right tools and needs product for shine and hold. Regular trims is needed every 4-6 weeks to prevent split ends maintaining a healthy look and feel.

    Katie Cassidy looks gorgeous here in soft wavy blonde locks. This is an easy, cool hairstyle that has a nice windblown finish to it. Katie has an oval face shape so most styles will suit her, however this one works particularly well with her fine hair texture and long layered cut. The waves add extra volume and body throughout while framing her face nicely.

    Katie has a very warm complexion with tanned skin and bright green eyes. She suits light shades of blonde and brown hair the best. Here, she goes for various tones of golden blonde throughout for a sun-kissed beachy finish. Ladies with fair to medium complexions will suit this hair color as well, as long as their skin tones also have a golden base to them. This hair color looks good with light or dark eyes.

    Katie Cassidy is an American actress who stars as Laurel Lance/Black Canary on The CW's series Arrow.
  • Nancy O Dell
    These gorgeous locks are blow-waved smooth from root to tip with one side left out to fall over the shoulder for a stunning finish. The top is parted down the middle making this a fantastic 'do to frame a round face for any occasion. Product is needed to tame fly-away hair and regular trims is needed to prevent split ends.

    Nancy O’Dell goes for long sleek locks here to create a striking, sexy look. This TV presenter knows what works best for her look which in her case, is straight, long hair that has minimal layering throughout. Nancy has a heart-shaped face which suits this ‘do nicely. She also has a medium high forehead, which can pull off a center part with ease. Another bonus to this hairstyle is its versatility—Nancy can sport all sorts of up-dos with these long locks!

    Color-wise, Nancy’s hair looks fabulous with her light brown eyes and tanned complexion. Her dominant complexion tones are gold and yellow, which are complemented by her buttery blonde hair color. The darker layers underneath give her ‘do a more natural finish and match her eyebrow color too. Ladies with fair to medium warm skin tones will find this color suitable for them.

    Nancy O’Dell is an American television host and entertainment journalist.
  • Ashley Roberts
    The length of this light blonde 'do is cut to sit at the jaw-line with layers jagged cut all through the back and sides to create this cool casual style best suited to complement a round face. This low-fuss hairdo is easy to manage with regular trims and needs only a small amount of product to tame fly-away hair.

    Ashley Roberts looks chic and trendy here in a platinum chin length bob. This choppy cut looks amazing with her oval face shape and expressive features, not to mention that it’s a practical ‘do for a busy TV presenter and dancer. Ashley has a high forehead, which looks great with her long peek-a-boo fringe, and the graduated ends of this bob compliment her face shape. Layers all over give this ‘do a smooth, sculpted finish.

    Ashley’s color is another great feature of this hairstyle. The platinum blonde tone looks gorgeous with her fair skin tone and hazel eyes. Ashley has some warm undertones in her skin which are flattered by the subtle soft golden highlights throughout this ‘do. Ladies with fair complexions (both warm and cool) will suit this shade as well.

    Ashley Roberts is an American singer, songwriter, dancer, choreographer, actress, model, presenter, and television personality, best known as a former member of the modern burlesque group and dance ensemble the Pussycat Dolls.